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Castles on the Web is an attempt to organize and offer to the world, the many sites that holds information related to my private obsession - Castles.

My love for Castles, I guess, began as a young boy with a passion for reading. My best loved books from those days were never stifled by top ten lists, society favourites or as of late, technical jargon. No, I could visit tomorrow in outer space with Tom Swift, solve the mystery of the day with Frank and Joe Hardy or, more often than not, be a part of history unfolding with the gallantry of King Arthur and Robin Hood.

I can remember growing up with the Black Arrow and Sir Lancelot, and of King Richard's return to Sherwood Forest. I remember the first time I read Ivanhoe, and bits and pieces of others that no longer have names. I can remember the many summer days spent acting out imaginary scenes with a broom-handle sword. I even remember the history lessons taught, that placed its' mark of authenticity to this mystical, magical world.

As one gets older, we start to reflect on the things that have remained constant throughout our lifetime and how they have affected our journey thus far. For me, Castles have always been there. Not in the forefront, but more as a background, a drapecloth, like in the legends.

Castles of the Web is an homage to those times, both the medieval and those from thirty plus years ago, where a youngster, lying on a bed with book in hand, was captivated by the heraldry, chivalry, and the romance of another place in mind...

The Scribe
July 12 1995
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