A collection of Medieval recipes adapted for the modern kitchen, with period receipts, translations, & redactions. Included are graphics, photographs, descriptions of feasts, information on period cookery, & articles on related Medieval subjects.
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Alba is a Duchy in France. Dream country,virtual state and real paradise. Description (with a touch of humour!)of a romantic hideway...
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Celtic crosses, celtic designs, heraldry, coats of arms, clan crests all hand carved by Scottish woodcarver Andrew W Howe
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This site lists the ongoing work of Paul Martin Remfry in chronicling and recording the great mass of castles in England, Wales and Normandy from original site research and the study of original documentation. Includes photographs, site descriptions, castle histories and general historical and archaeological essays with much essential information on Medieval Britain for purchase.
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A collation of drawings of aspects of military architecture.
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Hercules automation is one of the leading brands in the market for Fabricated items, Boom Barriers, Garage Door , Rolling Shutters and a pioneer in the field of Remote Control Doors and Gates in south India for over a decade.
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A section of the 'Castles of Tuscany' website dedicated at abbeys, churches, monasteries, bridges and other medieval structures of Tuscany.
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Britannia covers the British Isles like no other online publication. You must surf this giant, gateway resource for travel, history, commentary and news.
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The site is championing the idea of building the first medieval castle in England in modern times, but building it as they did during the medieval times.
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Build a Castle - Learn how to build a true castle for your home or company!
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Wie gut kennen Sie sich eigentlich in Deutschland aus?? Wir haben bisher während unserer Kurztrips nur einen kleinen Teil der Sehenswürdigkeiten in unserer Nähe, und auch ein paar in Bayern kennengelernt. Aber bei uns in Deutschland gibt es noch sehr viel zu entdecken.... Gehen Sie auf unserer Homepage auf eine kleine Entdeckungstour - vielleicht macht das ja Lust auf´s Selbstentdecken...
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The aim of the project is to give an impression of what the castles would have looked like in their original state. Using archived material, plans and information plus photographs of the sites to recreat the castles.
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