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Belgian Castles - Popular!
Belgium is crowded with more than 3 000 castles, less known but not less impressive than those of the other European countries. About 300 are open to the public.
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Castles of Britain - Popular!
Castles Unimited was formed in recognition of the necessity to preserve these relics of history. We are dedicated to the promotion and study of British Castles. Site features a photo gallery, learning center, a map room, castle listings and more!
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British Castles - Popular!
Info and pics of several British Castles- Scottish and English, including: Dunnottar, Edinburgh, Glamis, Urquhart, Clifford, Caister, and Scarborough Castles
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Castle Kids
A medieval site for kids, jokes, Catholic saints, etc.
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Castle Tours : England
Skipton Castle - Popular!
Skipton Castle is over 900 years old and one of the most complete and best preserved medieval castles in England.
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Bodiam Castle - Popular!
Bodiam is probably one of the most photographic castles in England and was one of the last true castles to be built. This site gives a history of the Castle and it's owners through time along with some fine pictures for your enjoyment.
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Arundel Castle - Popular!
A Visit to Arundel castle in Sussex. The historical castle at Arundel dates back to the Norman Conquest. This site tells of it's history and owners with some fine pictures.
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Kendal Castle - Popular!
Virtual reality view of Kendal Castle from the outside and the fabulous views of the surrounding town.
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Castle Tours : Germany
Burghausen Castle - Popular!
Burghausen Castle in beautiful southern Germany is over a kilometer in length, has six courtyards, several moats with wooden drawbridges, a Kemenate (Ladies Bower), a Durnitz (Gothic Hall) and of course the Duke's Residence.
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Palaces and Homes
Biltmore Estate - Popular!
Built by George Washington Vanderbilt and opened on Christmas Eve 1895, Biltmore Estate is the largest private home in America. It is located in Asheville, North Carolina
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Weapons and Supplies
Arms and Armor - Popular!
Over 170 replicas of weapons and armor for the person who wants the real thing!
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