Mount-Saint-Michel is an example of military architecture. Complete Virtual Reality Panoramas tour with the full screens.
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Visit of beautiful abbeys of Poitou in France :Saint Savin ,Nouaillé Maupertuis
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The Abbey at Battle is probably one of the most important medieval sites in Britain. This page tells the story of the field of Hastings AFTER the battle. It gives an insight into its struggles with the Bishops to gain full control of the Abbey and also the rest of its troubled history since the Norman Invasion. There are also some fine pictures of this wonderful building.
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Details of the town of Battle including History, Services, Views and Amenities
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The long and violent history of Carlisle Cathedral. A church was built by King Henry 1 in 1102, then in 1123 it was rebuilt as a Priory, then in 1133 became a Cathedral.
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Founded in 1190, this striking building was built by the Baron of Cartmel and occupied by the Augustinian Canons, as at Carlisle Cathedral and Lanercost Priory. During the Dissolution, when Henry VIII took control of the Church, the Canons were ejected (despite appeals by the people of the area), and four of them were hanged, as were 10 farmers who had supported them.
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Visite des Cathedrales et Abbayes du centre de la France: Chartres, Tours, Orleans, Fontevraud,Saint Savin, Vendome, ....
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Nearly 200 3D images and over 700 2D images of Churches and Cathedrals from around the world, with a special focus on European Cathedrals. Map-based navigation makes it easy to find what you want. Links to 3D viewing instructions included.
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A 360 degree interactive panorama of the interior of Cogges Church, Witney, Oxfordshire, England
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Abbey built in southern Lazio note the example of Abbey of Fontenay in Burgundy. In this place died of St. Thomas Aquino
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Hidden away from the outside world, the beautiful remains of the Cistercian Abbey at Skelldale have been almost undisturbed for the past 500 years. This site tells the history of this magnificent abbey, now a World Heritage site, and also has some fine pictures for your enjoyment.
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Founded by the Savigny monks of Normandy in 1127 by 1150 Furness Abbey was in the hands of the Cistercians who were better established in the area. Furness Abbey even in its now ruined state is an impressive building and shows the wealth and importance of the Cistercians in the area.
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