Henry VI was only 19 when he laid the first stone of King's College Chapel in 1441, and once completed, it was recognised as one of Europe's finest, late medieval buildings. This page gives a brief history of the chapel, along with a couple of fine pictures.
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Founded in 1166 the Priory was completed in 1220. Being close to the border with Sctoland it was a tempting target for raiders and was attacked in 1296, 1297 and again in 1346.
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Pictures, plans and comments of the major religious medieval sites in France, including cathedrals, churches ans abbeys (a few castles, as well)
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The Augustinian Priory at Michelham was founded in 1229 by Gilbert L'Aigle, although there are known to have been settlements here dating back to earlier Saxon times. Michelham is a rare surviving example of a fortified monastry which also has the biggest moat in England.This site gives a history of Michelham together with some fine pictures for your enjoyment.
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Gothic architecture and engineering at its finest with links to dozens of online cathedral tours. Download the free Gothic medieval screen saver, or sign up for the free weekly guide to 'What's New and Cool in the Middle Ages.'
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The parish church of St Mary's is probably one of the finest churches in Norfolk. This site gives the churches history along with some of the more memorable events throughout its history. There are also some pictures of this fine Saxon/early Norman church.
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the medieval sculptures of San Zeno, Verona (I)
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Founded in 1201 by Premonstratensian Canons from France it was built on land given by Thomas, son of Gospatric. Many of the visible details date from the 13th, 14th, 15th and early 16th centuries, showing that there was a continuous program of improvement.
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360 degree interactive panoramic virtual tour of St Mary Magdalene Church in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England
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The Small hamlet of Westley Waterless has been virtually unchanged in hundreds of years and the Parish church of St Mary the Less dates back to the 11th Century and was built on a previous Saxon Church. This church contains the Brass of Sir John and Lady Alyne de Creke, one of the finest in the country. This site gives a brief history of the church and the de Creke family along with some fine pictures.
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Presentation of this abbey, also called the abbey of Gellon: location, description, history, photographs. Also information about the founder St william of gellon and the village of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert.
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Virtual visit in the millenary Casamari cistercian abbey. History, architecture; the library, the pharmacy, the museum. Treasury and codices. Multilingual interactive animation, many pictures. Gregorian music demos. Plus: photos of the Trisulti abbey.
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