Foundation which is about the castles in the Limburg province in the Netherlands. With database. In Dutch.
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Organisation for the preservation of France's architectural heritage. Organizes workkamps for volunteers, mostly during the summermonth, workshops for learning stonecutting etc. They do work on hundreds of sites all over France, many of them castles, or castleruins.
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If you are thinking of buying and/or restoring a castle or tower in Scotland, our members will be able to give you advice and assistance.
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This is the homepage of the Castle Foundation Gelderland in the Netherlands.
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The Castle Corps is an organized group of world citizens dedicated to the joy of life and the quest for knowledge with the intention of constructing facilities dedicated to these ideals... namely, a castle. Short term goals are to have fun, promote interaction, give to the community, and remember what it was like to be a kid. In the process, we have even come to own a small roller coaster! We're always looking for new members.
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The site of the Dutch Castle Foundation. It contains a guide of Dutch castles.
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What began essentially as a local club intended to give some vague sense of order to the various wenches all over that New York Renaissance Faire site rapidly turned into an organization expanding internationally, with a present membership of over 550 women.
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A charitable body set up to preserve places of historic interest or natural beauty in England and Wales. They own several castles built over many centuries for 11th century Bramber Castle to 20th century Castle Drogo as well as many other properties.
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The Pirate Castle, a Registered Charity on the Regents Canal by Camden Lock Market in London, offers Narrowboat trips and accommodation for visiting groups
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The SCA is the Society for Creative Anachronism, which is a group dedicated to researching and recreating the Middle Ages in the present. Many groups meet weekly, and at these meetings we dance, talk, study, learn, revel, and make plans. But first, let's get a little bit of info about the SCA in general.
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Site of the Union of European Historic Houses Association. With lists of associated castles and other historic houses in Europe that can be visited or stayed in. With a picture, a little history and contact info of each object.
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the Foundation creates and administers non-profit activities and collaborative projects with leading international organizations and public institutions around the world, in joint efforts to build and implement significant contributions to preserve the historical and social role of the Past
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