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Cheverny, one of the best known Loire palaces, belongs to the descendants of the Hurault family
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The magnificent baroque Castle and Gardens of the Prince de Ligne in Beloei, Belgium
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Clausholm Castle is one of the first and most characteristic baroque complexes in Denmark. A substantial part of the interior of the castle has remained completely unaltered. The beautiful fountains in the castles large baroque gardens are in themselves well worth a visit. During the summer months, the castle holds concerts, church services and "fairytale nights". Wedding ceremony: You can turn your wedding into something very special by inviting your guests to a romantic wedding at Clausholm.
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Dale Castle is a private house just north of the village of Dale, Pembrokeshire, west Wales . It is not open to the public, although one has a good view of it from the road. Parts of a much earlier castle are incorporated in the present house.
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The story of Duncombe Park is a story of the "reclamation" of a great house from a long period of institutional use. It is the largest project of its kind ever undertaken.
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A lively mixture of Medieval architecture and 1930's Art Deco Design can be found at Eltham Palace is one of London's lesser known Royal Medieval Palaces. The Palace dates back to the 14th Century and was one of Edward, Black Prince of Wales and Henry VIII's favourites. On this page you will find some details of Eltham along with some pictures
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Fairytale castle located in America (Texas) Private home available for weddings,charity events and movie locations.
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Experience the Great Houses as your own adventure across the centuries. Explore three hundred miles of spectacular scenery and discover the detail of a legacy of a thousand years.
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Tucked away in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, there has been building on this site since the Norman Conquest. The remains of a fortified manor lay in the grounds of this beautiful Jacobean house that was once owned by Sir John de Grey, an original member of Edward III's Knights of the Garter. There are also some lovely pictures of this wonderful House.
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The site is about "Americas Castle", Hearst Castle. The site has it's history and tours etc.
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Castles, villas, itineraries and events to discover the historic part of Italy. A data bank that collects over 1000 receptive structures (historical hotels, conference rooms, antique restaurants, castles and villas to be visited), where companies and privates can organize events and plan their holidays in Italian historical houses unique in their kind. Maps, itineraries, news and images can be found in the site to help promote the Italian cultural patrimony.
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Celebrating its 50th season, Holker Hall with its English and Fench Furnishings complementing the detailed interior carvings and linenfold panelling, shows Victorian style on its grandest scale. Yet Holker Hall remains a family home with a warm and friendly atmosphere so often remarked on by visitors.
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