Medieval Studies

History and Old Photo's in and around the Cotswolds. A trip back in time!
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The Crusaders' mark on the Holy Land is clearly visible across Israel's landscape, despite the fact that it's been almost a thousand years since they first came to the Holy Land. There are dozens of Crusader sites that can be visited by tourists and more than 1200 places of Crusader significance that have been positively identified.
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Brief medieval history of Kenilworth, Warwickshire, mainly describing Kenilworth Castle.
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technical site- IN ITALIAN ONLY- lot of original pictures
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This is an index of selected and excerpted texts of medieval sources arranged according to type.
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A description and photos of Irish Castles with a great cross section image of a large Castle tower house. Irish castles as seen by archaeologists
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The romance of chivalry fascinates many people. Courageous, armoured knights clash in a whirl of heraldic splendour; beautiful, eloquent ladies bestow their embroidered sleeves and favors; squires dash hither and fro,lightly armoured, helping their knights as they may.
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Presentation of the famous XVth century manuscript, one of the masterpieces of the International Gothic Style. The twelve calender pages show everyday life throughout the year. Among the castles depicted are Saumur, the medieval Louvre, Vincennes. In french and english.
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Over 2,200 high-resolution images scanned from more than 100 different old or rare books, with extracts. You'll find pictures of remains of ruined Castles, deserted Abbeys, old manor houses, mansions and stately homes. There are also engravings, woodcuts and pictures of Old England and Wales.
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Folders/sub-folders with comprehensive glossary of terms used in mediaeval military activity.
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Portal to dozens of online medieval art collections from museums around the world.
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Churches,Cathedrals, Castles & famous medieval figures in England & further a field for those interested in learning about the history behind them.
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