Medieval Studies

Filled with information on Medieval Siege Weapons (including catapult and trebuchet ), Middle Age Castles (floor plans, pictures) and Middle Age Pictures (medieval knight, medieval castle, etc).
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Informational site regarding medieval castles, architecture, weapons, and much more.
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Galleries of medieval castles, legends,armours,weapons,ruins, lost castles,castles for sale.
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Medieval marbles on the churchs of Rome. Cosmati, Vassalletto
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This site has info on my YA novel of 13th c. historical fiction. Many history pages, photos and other features.
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Highly interlinked resource for Medieval timelines, places, people, maps and 3d reconstructions.
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Italian website over Middle Ages (medioevo in italian) and its spiritual life.
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Resource site for the study of the Middle Ages categorized by art, biographies, daily life, maps, pictures and research.
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NetSerf is the internet connection for Medieval resources with (at time of writing) over 1000 links!
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Owain Glyndwr - patriot, opportunist, pragmatist? Through an extensive time-line of events and involved people and places, we explore the Welsh rebellion of which Glyndwr was a catalyst. Our time-line charts the rebellion from its inception, through battles won and the stirrings of Welsh nationhood, to its eventual decline and Glyndwr's disappearance into the mists of time.
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This is my homepage, I use it as a vehicle to promote the articles (on archery, arms and armour, castles, etc.), I have written and webbed, along with the home page of the New Varangian Guard Inc. of which I have been a member since 1985.
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