Medieval Studies

Website in 4 languages on the historical Templars with pictures, articles, movie clips etc.
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A virtual exhibition from the French national library. 1,000 Illuminations from the Department of Manuscripts around the themes history, religion, science and technology, sports and entertainment, miscellaneous.
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Search engine and links for all things Medieval and Renaissance related. A large resource for those interested in the Middle Ages.
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Armour information, including history, construction, pictures, and discussion board.
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The site is dedicated to the scientific research on the fortifications of the Crusader period. It intends to present facts about Frankish and Muslim fortifications of this era from Greece to Egypt.
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Travel the Middle Ages via interactive tours of medieval art, sculpture, architecture and history.
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An Introductory Guide to European Medieval Castles Design & Architecture. A complete overview on the basics and history of medieval castles design, how it varied by region and details on individual castles.
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Aspects of the family of St-Gilles, Counts of Toulouse, including heraldry, allies, genealogy, their role in the Crusades (becoming Counts of Tripoli) and as victims of the Crusade against the Cathars of the Languedoc.
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This site is devoted to the study of King Richard III, the Wars of the Roses, fifteenth-century England and its culture and the reputation of Richard III in history, literature, and drama.
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The Standing Stone covers places of historical interest in the midlands of Ireland from megalithic tombs, to castles, to fortified houses. These are sites that you generally won't find in the guide books.
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Detailed information on the Wars of the Roses, including battles, warfare, Richard III and other important people.
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A photographic tour of the deserted medieval Armenian city of Ani, marooned since 1920 in a Turkish military zone on the border with modern Armenia
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