In British legend, Camelot was the capital of the kingdom of King Arthur. The very name conjures up visions of chivalry and magic, romance and adventure. Enjoy the world of British heritage by visiting this site's extensive castle database and legend archive!
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This site has some good pictures and information about castles. I found it very useful for my school project
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We're building a castle! This site has material we've gathered or looked at during our planning and studying. Also included in the site is a bibliography and a short history of castles with pictures scanned from books.
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Theme World has several Castle related themes for your computer desktop. Simply search for "castle" in the box in the upper left corner when you visit.
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This site is presented as an aid in learning about the past and future, with an insight to the present. Its about Castles, their construction and every day life that took place in and around them with an emphasis on many ancient Crafts.
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Castle for sale by owner,Loire Valley,France
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Castle furniture, old barrels for castles
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This website holds alot of information on buidling castles. They offer castle plans and ideas.
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This is one of the many castles being built in the USA. We're in Alaska, in the Wasilla area. Construction is moving VERY slowly due to budget, but the site is beautiful and I love being there. We really don't have facilities for visitors other than lots of space for tenting! I do answer emails... sooner or later!
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Model castles for collectors and displays
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A simple website for those interested in building or purchasing their own medieval stone castle in the United States.
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Castles, Chateaux, and Manor Houses For Sale.
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