If you have ever dreamed of living in a real castle and having castle dwellers for neighbors, then this is the place to make all those fantasies come true.
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Stay in your "own" private castle in Ireland Dine in Irelands best restaurants. Into The West Tours offers first class service with a personal touch! No other tour like it on the web. We specialize in high-end equestrian, photo and hoarse buying with personalized itineraries. Please see our website
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Pictures of The Devils Horsemen jousting team in action at Warwick Castle.
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Photographs of castles in the countries of Wales, Scotland and Ireland available for sale as posters.
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Providers of Spectacular Jousting and Mediaeval Entertainment at Castles throughout the UK and Europe
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An excellent paper on life in a medeival castle from the folks at The Castles of Wales! Take a tour of a castle and see what it was like living in one!
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We reconstruct castles, one at a time, providing detailed, beautiful images of how the fortresses appeared in their glory days. These include Middleham, Sandal, Conwy, Houdan and Etampes. The website contains picture galleries of the reconstructed castles for everyone to enjoy.
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Pages dedicated to keeping alive the spirit of Braveheart and the interest in Scottish history, culture and politics which Braveheart helped awaken. This is a large, long-running site which includes pages on a range of diverse subjects, including medieval sites in Scotland. Organisers of Braveheart Conventions.
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Property for sale by owners in Périgord Southern France.Including 13th and 19th century manor,18th century Inn,many outbuildings and up to 125 acres of park,grounds,forest...
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Contains castles' history, attackers, defenders and ways to punish offenders.
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