Castle building made fun with these easy to build plans. Bring medieval history to life with scale model plans of these great castles. Each castle plan comes with a brief history of the castle, and easy to understand plans.
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These come from The British Museum Cookbook by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson (1987, British Museum Publications Ltd.). It's a great cookbook with recipes from the civilizations from the museum's collections.
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Bespoke light-hearted poems written in medieval style. My poems are given as gifts and read out at wedding receptions/parties. Each poem is unique!
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A site about castles. You may find here nice photos of fortifications, weapons and armors.
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Very strong Model Castles available for castle collectors. Also miniature knights figures, archers, fair maidens and more.
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The models of the Museum of Limburg in the Netherlands. Among other ones there are pictures of four Limburg castles; Castle Valkenburg, Castle Blijenbeek, Castle Montfort and Castle Kessel. In dutch.
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A historical cavalcade, a remarkable military experience.
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We present quality prints of castles, historic monuments and other items of interest to be found in and around the North East of Scotland.
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Click to visit beautiful photos of the castles of Ireland, Germany, and Lichtenstein. Includes free wallpaper and screensavers!
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A beautiful collection of pictures of Scottish castles,including Eilean Donan castle, Edinburgh Castle, Tantallon Castle and Urquhart Castle. Photos and posters can be ordered online. Free screensaver.
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We want cash are useful lending group who offer unsecured poor credit loans despite of whether they have poor credit. Assortment of loan method can be availed without much hassle today.
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Genealogy, heraldry and history (language: german)
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