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Learn about a land rich in Castles, very few damaged by war, many being restored by a country returning to it's rightful place in the heart of Europe.
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Information about castles that are located in the United States.
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Each castle, tower, manor and abbey has photos and a brief history. A few have floor plans.
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Explore the castles of Britain. Use the interactive maps or A-Z listing to find castles with descriptions, photos, directions, maps and full visitor information.
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Details of the Cathar Castles of the Languedoc in the South of France, including descriptions, locations, histories, roles in the Cathar Crusade, and whether open to the public.
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Beautiful designed site in French with very nice pictures of castles through out Europe and Syria.
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Pictures and info of castles and historic buildings in Scotland connected with Clan Mackenzie heritage. Featured castles are: Castle Leod, Brahan Castle, Eilean Donan Castle, Redcastle and Kilcoy Castle.
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This is a collection of photographs I collected while visiting castles around Europe.
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43 linked websites to castles in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus and Jordan. More castles being added
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Der DEUTSCHE BURGENRING ist ein Webring von über 50 Burgenseiten aus sieben europäischen Ländern. Fast alle Seiten sind in deutscher Sprache! A webring of more than 50 castle websites (most in German)
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Description and photographs of 32 castles in and around Edinburgh, plus a selection of other Scottish castles.
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