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An evergrowing site about Belgian castles. Tons of pictures and historical information about Belgian castles
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Thumbnail summaries and photographs of English castles visited by the author.
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Castles from Germay, Austria and the Czech Republic
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Castles and palaces of Germany, Austria, and Italy. Updated often. Lots of photos!
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Information and photos of major Finnish medieval castles and fortresses. Also churches, manor houses and castlelike buildings.
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Survey of fortifications in the Holy Land, including those in Turkey, Lebanon, Souria, Israel and Jordan. Enjoy pictures and historical analysis of hundred of them.
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Visit some of Europe’s most picturesque, mysterious and notorious castles. Unravel the history, legends, and myths behind some of their most celebrated and not so renowned castles in a Voyage of Discovery and Adventure...'
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Comprehensive guide to the structure, layout, history, and fortification of Japanese castles.
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The best examples of heritage towns in ireland with castles to visit and experience many medieval festival such as Athenry .
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A site dedicated to the archaeological history of Herefordshire with a separate section that lists all the castle sites in Herefordshire (120+) along with site descriptions, history and photos.
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Featuring photographic and descriptive guides to historic sites, including castles, abbeys, stone circles and long barrows.
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This site is a Guide to the 146 castles in Japan I've personally visited and 72 donated by readers.
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