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A collection of castles in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal and Austria.
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Norwegian castles and manors - Their history and owners. Whit illustrations. (Written in Norwegian)
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O'Brien Castle is an ecletic site featuring Castles of England, Ireland and Scotland and France, Heraldry, Falconry, history of English Royalty from William the Conqueror to present day, Celtic Midis, and more is planned!
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Photopage of known and unknown castles in Holland, Germany, Czech and Slovak Republik, etc.
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Here you will find photos of, for example, forts, castles, strongholds, runic stones, rock carvings, as well as the remains of these in the form of ruins and other leftovers. I photograph pretty much anything with some kind of historical value, where the surroundings invite to exciting, mystical and for the most part also romantic moods. I want to give people the chance to explore and learn more about historical sites and buildnings and their beauty.
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Photo album with high quality JPEG photos.Virtual Tour of Renaissance Castles in France,Azay le Rideau,Chambord,Chenonceau,Amboise and other Loire Valley Castles.
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A collection of state-owned historical monuments in Rhineland-Palatinate.
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"Roads to Ruins", the Internet Guide to the Medieval Fortifications of Germany, is about the history of German castles and is meant as a travel guide and educational introduction to Germany's "Middle Ages".
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About some of Scania's more than 200 castles, their history and owners. With photos! (Written in Swedish)
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Schencks Castles & Gardens presents over 800 homes, gardens and heritage sites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South-Tyrol, Alsace-Lorraine, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Hungary, open to public.
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Join us on a virtual journey through medieval cities, beautiful castles, monasteries and interesting museums, and discover all their hidden treasures
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A site about castles in Germany with special focus on pictures. The text is in English and German
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