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Featured castles are: Traquair Castle, Hermitage Castle, Castle Urquhart, Crichton Castle, Strome Castle, Threave Castle and Caerlaverock Castle.
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This is a collection of castles from Scotland and Europe.
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Produced for you here is a selection of the finest castles of Scotland, from far in the North to the border country.
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The history of Swedish and European castles and palaces and who built and lived in them.
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Photographs of English Medieval Castles
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Catriona Fraser has put together an excellent site of Scottish castles and award-winning hand-printed photographs.
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Explore some of the world's most impressive ancient monuments - the medieval castles of Wales. Wales is often called the "Land of Castles" and rightly so, as it is home to some of Europe's finest surviving and most important examples of medieval castle construction.
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Visit Scotland's Castles, Towers and Fortified Houses with The Chatelaine! She offers an extensive listing of castles and more!
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Another small comprehensive site about Czech Castles. At this interactive castletour you can visit 10 of the most famous Czech castles.
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Dedicated to the enlightenment of Britains rich and diverse heritage.
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A site written in French about the following castles: Puivert, Montaillou, Aguilar, Queribus, Rennes-le-chateau, Lastours, Montsegur, Peyrepertuse, Puilaurens, Arques and the city Carcassonne.
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A nice collection of castles in Wales.
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