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The 365 km long and well designated cycling trail along the edge of the Eifel range guides you through a scenic area with bumerous watercastles. Its a perfect way to acquaint yourself with more than 130 castles and palaces in the historical triangle of Bonn, Cologne and Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen).
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Directory of castles built in England,Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
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Pick from the best castle-related virtual tours on the Web.
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Wales has some of the most impressive castles and ancient buildings to be found anywhere. Have a look here for a fine collection of some of them!
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A great collection of Welsh Castles with lots of photos! Tour Caerphilly, Pembroke, Kidwelly and more!
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A high resolution pictorial tour of the Castles of Wales
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Various reconstructions of the wooden castles of Lithuania, Central and East Europe, and other material necessary for construction of a wooden castle.
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